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Nice ICONS! I like the background of the community board too. ^_^
=) Thanks, though most likely you are talking about Kulish's icons, which I didn't make. I just promised to plug her anytime I could. =D
You don't happen to know who or how I can find out where or who the maintainor is for That 70s Show Community do you? Well both of them actually.
My pictures I post in them aren't coming up and of course noone is responding so I was just wondering if you knew.
check the user info?
I looked, they don't put out any info.
hmm..can't help you then.
Thanks anyways. (-:

Deleted comment

Haha. If you want it, the owner of the shoop sent it to me, so I can e-mail it to ya.
i need help with a background :( IM me on aim: starsofaugust if you can help. thx!